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Exit Tax

Airport departure tax to rise in July

Even with the $2 bump in Costa Rica's airport departure tax, it still has one of the cheapest such taxes in the region.

Lawmakers propose increase in exit tax to fund Costa Rica’s Olympic athletes

Lawmakers of the Legislative Commission on Childhood, Adolescence and Youth in a unanimous vote on Tuesday approved the drafting of a bill to increase from $29 to $33 the country's exit tax in order to provide funds for the National Olympic Committee.

No more waiting in line to pay exit tax for fliers on American, US Airways and Copa

Passengers on the three airlines leaving Costa Rica after June 14 will have the exit tax already included in the ticket price. Avianca passengers will still have to pay their exit tax separately.

Following delays, airlines can begin bundling Costa Rica exit tax into ticket prices

Airlines operating in Costa Rica finally can start including the country’s $29 exit tax into the cost of flights next week, according to Vice President Ana Helena Chacón, who made the announcement at the president’s weekly press conference at Casa Presidencial on Tuesday. But no airlines have yet announced when they will begin using the Exonet system.

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