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emilia navas

Former President Oscar Arias faces criminal charge over Crucitas case

Chief Prosecutor Emilia Navas has presented criminal charges against former President and Nobel Peace prize winner Oscar Arias for breach of duty.

Costa Rica swears in its first woman Chief Prosecutor

Navas, 53, has led the Prosecutor's Office as an interim since October 2017, when her predecessor, Jorge Chavarría, was suspended in relation to the unfolding investigation of alleged corruption.

BREAKING: Costa Rican prosecutor dies after shooting at his home

Chief Prosecutor Emilia Navas responded energetically over Twitter to the shooting of the Heredia-based prosecutor.

The real reason the ‘cementazo’ is so scary for Costa Rica – and so important

Our Judicial Branch is like a soccer goalie: the player the team can’t do without, and the player who can’t fail.

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