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El Niño Costa Rica

Experts predict continued rainfall deficits throughout Central America due to El Niño

Due to El Niño, the tropical cyclone season in the eastern Pacific will be more active than normal, while in the North Atlantic it will be less intense.

Costa Rica nearing record rainfall for May

The seventh tropical wave of the year is to blame for heavy showers over most of Costa Rica. Downpours flooded streets in San José and Heredia on Monday.

Tempisque River: History of neglect threatens Guanacaste people and environment

An investigation by The Tico Times and The Voice of Guanacaste into the management of the Tempisque River shows a history of neglect, faulty data and lack of enforcement of environmental and water regulations.

El Niño-related flooding causes snake invasion, beach closures in Argentina

Extreme flooding caused by El Niño washed poisonous snakes downriver in northern Argentina, forcing authorities to close beaches to summer holidaymakers.

First nine months of 2015 shatter heat records worldwide

The first nine months of this year were the hottest on record worldwide, U.S. government scientists said Wednesday, in another sign of the impact of dangerous global warming.

Costa Rica ends clean energy run due to low rainfall

Following a record period of 94 days running exclusively on clean energy, the Costa Rican Electricity Institute was forced to burn fuel to generate electricity in August.

Costa Rica declares national emergency over drought in northwestern province of Guanacaste

After months of drought, President Luis Guillermo Solís declared a national emergency in the province of Guanacaste and other cantons across the country on Tuesday. The drought in the northwestern province has been the worst in more than 50 years, according to the National Meteorological Institute.

Tropical Storm Boris downgraded after affecting close to 100,000 in Guatemala

In Guatemala, rough weather produced a landslide that killed five people near the Mexican border on Saturday.

National Meteorological Institute forecasts more intense rains for the end of May

Rainy season has gotten off to a drier-than-normal start. But that may change tomorrow as humidity levels increase Wednesday evening. The change likely will bring late afternoon heavy rains and thunderstorms, according to the National Meteorological Institute (IMN).

Cartago joins growing list of provinces struggling with water shortages

Farms and tourist areas near the country’s colonial capital, located 22 kilometers east of San José, have been hit hard by water scarcity, including diminished reserves that traditionally supply enough water for the entire province and more than half a million residents in eastern San José.

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