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What are Plantains? A Tropical Staple Food in Costa Rica

For centuries, plantains have been used as a staple food in tropical and subtropical regions from West Africa to Latin America. Their versatility lies...

Durian Fruit is in a Class of Its Own

When tropical gardeners gather to talk shop, the topic of durian fruit frequently comes around. Costa Rica is home to dozens of unusual, exotic...

A Recipe for Making Costa Rica Inspired Ceviche

Anyone who has visited Latin America knows that people throughout these lands pride themselves on an amazing dish made of marinated raw fish, seafood...

In Costa Rica is Papaya the Ultimate Health Fruit?

HOME GARDENING: Ed Bernhardt gives the rundown on growing your own yummy and salubrious papaya.

What are Scallions & Chives and How are they Used?

Common name:Scallion / chive Spanish name:Cebollina / cebollín Latin name: Alliumcepa var. aggregatum / A. schoenoprasum Family: Liliaceae Geo-distribution: Scallions or green dividing onions originated in the Near...

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