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A Few Costa Rica Bank Notes to be withdrawn from Circulation

The United States embassy in Costa Rica has reminded everyone that lives or is traveling in Costa Rica to be aware that on February...

Dollar exchange rate maintains upward trend

The exchange rate of the Costa Rican colón against the dollar increased by ₡10 during the past month, according to official data from the Central Bank...

El Salvador marks 20 years of dollarization with weak economic impulse

El Salvador is celebrating 20 years of dollarization, a measure that sought stability.

US Dollar price up 2 colones in last week

The price of the US dollar has shown a slight increase over the last 7 days, according to Central Bank of Costa Rica data. The...

Costa Rican colón dips against US dollar

The Costa Rican currency, the colón, has been on a slow slide against the the U.S. dollar during the last several months but analysts say it’s unlikely to fall much farther.

This is why the euro is collapsing

The euro has already fallen to a 12-year low of $1.06, and should keep falling for at least another year. In fact, it shouldn't be long until the dollar is worth more.

Costa Rica’s Solís urges calm after Moody’s knocks investment rating down to junk status

President Luis Guillermo Solís told representatives from the Costa Rican Banking Association that Moody’s Investor Services' decision to drop Costa Rica’s investment rating to junk status was not a crisis and urged calm during a meeting Wednesday morning. As the public sector tries to hash out how its weakened standing will affect the budget, consumers may have to pay more for loans in dollars.

Recent exchange rate stability offers relief to businesses

The Central Bank’s efforts to quell volatility in the Costa Rican currency seem to be working. But analysts note that there are bigger problems on the horizon for businesses.

Police seize over $100,000 since opening new border checkpoint

In the early hours of Friday morning, police confiscated a cool $38,946 from a Costa Rican man driving to Panama in the latest such seizure.

Border police seize $68,000 in cash near Panamanian border

A drug sniffing dog helped police find the illicit greenbacks.

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