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Most Mexico policymakers warn against raising rates before US

MEXICO CITY — Mexican policymakers were unanimous in their decision to keep the key interest rate unchanged at a record low last month, with the majority warning against raising rates before the Federal Reserve.

Costa Rica moves to free-floating currency

Costa Rica announced that it would remove the country’s nine-year-old currency band system in favor of a floating exchange against the U.S. dollar, according to a statement from the Central Bank Saturday.

Holiday brings jump in dollar exchange rate at Costa Rica banks

After a long period of stability the U.S. dollar exchange rate this week showed an upward trend at both public and private banks in the country.

Recent exchange rate stability offers relief to businesses

The Central Bank’s efforts to quell volatility in the Costa Rican currency seem to be working. But analysts note that there are bigger problems on the horizon for businesses.

Central Bank president warns political campaigns to stay away from the exchange rate

The president of Costa Rica's Central Bank warned Johnny Araya’s economic team Tuesday after the National Liberation Party blamed the rival Citizen Action Party's possible victory at the polls on April 6 for recent volatility in the Costa Rican currency, the colón.

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