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Mel Gibson in real estate row over Guanacaste beach property

A Channel 7 TV news report Tuesday accused the Hollywood star of illegally limiting access to a public beach and including public land in the listing for his $29 million estate in Guanacaste. The property’s representative denied any wrongdoing.

Renewal in Panama might be coming at a high cost

Bribery, graft and dirty politics are all too common in Latin America, but a noxious combination of the three has dogged the Central American dynamo in what ought to be its finest hour. And unless Panama can shake the curse, its glory may prove fleeting.

President Solís tells world leaders Costa Rica is a model of sustainable development

President Solís -- saying that Costa Rica is a country with sustainable development "in its DNA” -- urged other nations to realign their spending away from militarization and towards the 2030 Agenda Development Goals.

Pavones: Tiny surf capital up in arms about big condo project

A developer from Texas is building a 60-unit beachfront condominium complex, right in front of the famous wave at Pavones, and a lot of people are up in arms over the size of this project and the zoning plan that comes with it. Others say it will bring jobs.

Cañas-Liberia Highway expansion faces yet another delay

The expansion from two to four lanes of the highway between Cañas and Liberia, Guanacaste, originally scheduled to be ready in May of last year, will take up to six more months past the previous July 2015 deadline set by the Public Works and Transportation (MOPT) earlier this year.

Bluefields: The dream of independence for a forgotten colonial harbor

Once a thriving colonial harbor under British protection, and used for the export of coconut, banana and lumber, Bluefields now has a worn-down look of old wooden houses rotting away in the tropical heat.

Hollande in Haiti to promise help from resented France

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – President Francois Hollande arrived in Haiti on Tuesday to boost France's role in what was once its richest Caribbean possession but is now a desperately poor nation with a bitter colonial legacy.

How the Clintons’ Haiti development plans succeed – and disappoint

Wismith Moricette and Anelle Germinal are two faces of the Clintons' increasingly complicated relationship with Haiti, where their high-profile development efforts after a devastating earthquake in 2010 have produced both success and disillusionment.

China’s panda population is growing, and that’s a problem

Although panda numbers are on the rise, they are facing a new threat: economic development. Twenty-four of the 33 separate panda populations in China are so small they are deemed "high risk for survival."

Honduran military aims to fill in for ‘absent’ parents with program targeting at-risk kids

In the program, kids “acquire knowledge of the Bible, Christian values and principles, respect for God’s places, and the importance of belonging to a church.”

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