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David Bowie

Space bids farewell to David Bowie, one of its own

David Bowie's death has plunged fans around the world into grief, but his music lives on -- not only on Earth but also in space.

Singer David Bowie dies at 69; influential performer of many alter egos

David Bowie, the self-described "tasteful thief" who appropriated from and influenced glam rock, soul, disco, new wave, punk rock and haute couture, and whose edgy, androgynous alter egos invited fans to explore their own dark places, died Sunday. Bowie had turned 69 on Friday, the same day he released his latest album which was entitled "Blackstar."

Bowie to bring space epic to New York stage

Based on the novel by Walter Tevis, the 1976 film "The Man Who Fell to Earth" starred David Bowie as a humanoid who lands on Earth in search of water for his parched planet and becomes enamored with alcohol and television.

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