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Cristina Kirchner

Ex-president Cristina Kirchner charged in Argentina corruption scandal

Argentina's ex-president Cristina Kirchner was charged with corruption on Monday as a judge asked that her legislative immunity be lifted so she can be detained.

Argentina starts talks with ‘vulture’ creditors

Argentina's new government began negotiations with hedge fund creditors Monday, amid reports it wants them to write off up to a quarter of their bonds to settle a long-running dispute.

Macri wins election in Argentina, vows market reforms

His rivals dismissed him as a spoiled elitist, but ex-football executive Mauricio Macri gathered allies from diverse political forces to persuade Argentines to vote him in as their new president Sunday.

Pro-market Macri likely new president of Argentina: exit polls

Exit polls for the presidential elections in Argentina on Sunday showed a likely win for pro-market leader Mauricio Macri, heralding an end to 12 years of leftist government.

Elections in Argentina could bring big economic, political change

Argentines voted Sunday in an unprecedented presidential runoff that could end 12 years of leftist government and see the pro-business opposition seize command of Latin America's third-biggest economy.

Argentina appeal revives cover-up case against president

Lead prosecutor Gerardo Pollicita argued in his 35-page appeal that Judge Daniel Rafecas was overly hasty in his decision last Thursday to throw out the case against President Cristina Kirchner for allegedly protecting Iranian officials accused of orchestrating a deadly 1994 bombing.

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