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Costa Rica exceeds 50% Covid-19 partial vaccination rate

More than half of the population of Costa Rica has received at least one dose of the vaccine against Covid-19, government authorities reported Tuesday.

Serious Covid vaccine side effects rare in Costa Rica: Health Ministry

The Health Ministry says headache, localized pain, muscle aches and a low-grade fever are the most common side effects reported after receiving a Covid-19 vaccine in Costa Rica.

Latin America passes 1 million Covid deaths as IMF proposes $50 bn plan

Latin America and the Caribbean passed one million coronavirus deaths on Friday as the IMF proposed a $50 billion plan to end the pandemic,...

Vaccine hope, but enduring fear one year after pandemic declared

The world on Thursday marked one year since the coronavirus threat was declared a pandemic, with vaccinations offering hope but much of humanity still...

Covid patients asphyxiate as Latin America battles oxygen shortage

As a second, deadly wave of Covid-19 batters Latin America, images have emerged from country after country of desperate people lining up for days...

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