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Costa Rica tattooes

5 questions for Costa Rican tattoo artist Froy Vargas

"To me, it's an honor that someone wants to have my work on the body." Meet a young Costa Rican who is passionate about dot work tattoos.

5 questions for the Costa Rican tattoo artists of Atramento

The Tico Times sits down with a group of friends who decided to pool their artistic talents and create a tattoo studio.

PHOTOS: Expo Tattoo gathers more than 200 tattoo artists

A look inside the recent Expo Tattoo Costa Rica 2016.

Body artists show their stuff at Paradise Tattoo Convention

Body art isn’t for wusses, and the vibe last Friday was distinctly punk rock: Loud music pumped through speakers, tough-looking women sauntered down the aisles, and broad-shouldered men loomed over their patrons and applied ink with authority. Yet the hardened veneer gave way to general friendliness, and the artists spoke glowingly about their work.

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