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Costa Rica economy

Recent exchange rate stability offers relief to businesses

The Central Bank’s efforts to quell volatility in the Costa Rican currency seem to be working. But analysts note that there are bigger problems on the horizon for businesses.

President Solís announces goal to create 217,000 jobs during his term

The plan has a particular focus on working mothers and people with disabilities. The national unemployment rate is 8.5 percent, but the rate is higher among women, reaching 10.8 percent. Some 65 percent of 188,00 unemployed Ticos have a disability.

2 Costa Rican business groups among Central America’s most influential, says Forbes México

The magazine on Aug. 5 named the 10 most influential families in Central America, based on the number of businesses in the region and the families’ economic clout.

Russia OKs imports of Costa Rican beef, milk powder

Costa Rica's cattle industry meets all health requirements for exporting to Russia, according to Russia's Federal Administration of Veterinary and Phytosanitary Control.

Bacardi to open support services center in Costa Rica

The Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency and the Foreign Trade Ministry on Tuesday confirmed that rum manufacturer Bacardi will open a Latin American service center in Escazú on Sept. 1.

Costa Rica is failing to stop brain drain, Tico expats say

Costa Rica has failed to address the migration of its highly skilled workers and “lacks strategies to take advantage of Costa Rican talent outside the country,” a recent survey noted.

Anti-poverty programs enjoy success, but jobs would be better, says UN

Costa Rica could reduce its poverty rate by 8.5 percent if all employers paid the legal minimum wage and poor families could find work, according to a new report from the United Nations Development Program released Monday.

New administration boosts consumer confidence in Costa Rica, study shows

Costa Rica’s consumer confidence index in May reached 49.8 percent, its highest since February 2011 when it was 50.3, according to a new study by the University of Costa Rica. But a UCR expert says a boost in confidence is normal during electoral cycles.

Only 35 percent of Costa Rican corporations will pay taxes on time

Those failing to pay corporate taxes will be blocked from doing business starting Feb 1.

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