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Colombian paramilitaries

FARC cease-fire could change Costa Rica’s refugee population

Vice Minister of the Interior Carmen Muñoz told The Tico Times that the cease-fire announcement between Colombia and the FARC could result in a drop in the number of asylum-seekers from Colombia.

Victims killed in 1985 Colombia Justice Palace battle identified

The remains of three women who vanished in fighting when leftist rebels briefly captured the Colombia Justice Palace in 1985 have been identified, the Attorney General's office said Tuesday.

An end to Colombia’s war seems close – except in rebel territory

After three years of discussions in Havana, negotiators for the Colombian government and the rebels have arrived at a place tantalizingly close to peace. But in the southwestern cordilleras of Cauca province, where thousands have been killed or driven from their homes, the distance to peace seems far greater.

US Supreme Court rejects Colombia Chiquita human rights case

Chiquita pleaded guilty in 2007 to having funded the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC), a right-wing paramilitary group. But the Supreme Court allowed a 2014 decision by a court in Miami to stand which said the country had no authority to decide on issues that occurred entirely outside the United States.

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