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Unicef accuses rich countries, including Costa Rica, of endangering children

Most rich countries are creating unhealthy, dangerous and harmful conditions for children around the world, according to a report by Unicef's Innocenti Research Center,...

WHO wants to eradicate malaria in 25 countries by 2025

There are 87 countries affected by malaria, 46 of them have declared less than 10,000x cases in 2019, compared to 26 in 2000.

Is climate change a factor in Costa Rica’s rising childhood asthma cases?

This year’s National Medical Conference will further explore the issue as well as other climate-change related topics such as climate change and its effects on severe diarrhea or neurological disease.

Costa Rica restricts import, sale of baby walkers

Businesses and public agencies have six months to take all necessary measures for the implementation of the new regulations on baby walkers.

At Costa Rica hospital, dog therapy becomes part of treatment for child patients

Doctors say four-legged friends have helped children at San Vicente de Paul Hospital improve their moods and reduce stress, anxiety and blood pressure, all with just a little canine TLC.

Costa Rica seeks to ban child beauty pageants

A legislative commission has approved two draft bills to fight the sexualization of minors and expand benefits to parents of children with severe health conditions.

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