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Costa Rica declares ‘success’ after first airlift of Cuban migrants

“This is a success for the country,” President Luis Guillermo Solís told reporters. "It demonstrated the generosity of our people."

US expands refugee program for El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said allowing people from Central America's Northern Triangle countries to apply for asylum as refugees would offer a safer option for the most vulnerable migrants.

After Central America slog, Cubans can expect US welcome

A primer on how nearly 8,000 Cuban migrants became stranded in Costa Rica, why they're being flown to El Salvador and what awaits them if they make it to their destination, the United States.

Costa Rica police detain 51 migrants from Asia, Africa, Middle East

National Police officers detained a truck near the Central Pacific town of Jacó early Wednesday carrying 51 undocumented migrants from Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

U.S. advocates urge better treatment of migrant children deported back to Guatemala

Pro-immigrant advocates in the U.S. say that if programs to repatriate child migrants from Central America are badly designed, only the smugglers will benefit.

Tico migrants shipwrecked in Caribbean en route to US are still missing

Three Costa Rican nationals who were trying to reach Miami from the Bahamas were reported missing last April 11.

Boat skipper facing mass murder charge over migrant disaster

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has described the traffickers who packed their human cargo into the boat as akin to 18th-century slave traders. Hundreds of the victims, including an unknown number of children, will have died in hellish circumstances having been locked in the hold or the middle deck of the 20-meter boat.

‘No more excuses,’ EU official warns as another migrant boat sinks

Some 11,000 migrants have been rescued since the middle of last week alone and current trends suggest last year's total of 170,000 landing in Italy is likely to be exceeded in 2015. The issue of who handles these migrants -- for asylum or repatriation -- is hugely sensitive, with Italy complaining that its E.U. partners are not doing enough.

New immigration program seeks to reunite Central American families in US

The new policy applies to children from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador who face harm from violence and other dangers. Admission is also possible for spouses and grandchildren of immigrants in some cases.

As budget battles loom, Biden asks US Congress to approve aid for Central America

The plan was formulated in the wake of last year’s unprecedented exodus to the U.S. of families and children traveling alone from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. Many were fleeing violence and poverty in their home countries.

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