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Central America diplomacy

Costa Rica Olympians will light independence cauldron

Costa Rican Olympians will light the independence cauldron on Tuesday night in Cartago, the Presidency announced.

Independence torch arrives in Costa Rica for bicentennial

The torch is a national symbol representing Central America’s independence.  

Leaders from Guatemala and Costa Rica want to attract investments to their countries

In a video released by Casa Presidencial, Giammattei and Costa Rican President Carlos Alvarado discussed their vision of the region's future.

Costa Rica ‘cautiously’ rejoins SICA

Foreign Minister Manuel González announced Thursday that Costa Rica would rejoin the Central American Integration System, SICA, after a six month hiatus.

From the outside, Costa Rica’s president calls for SICA reforms

Despite the bloc’s problems, Costa Rica has little option but to keep working with its neighbors, say international relations experts.

Pope asks Central American nations to help resolve Cuban humanitarian drama

VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis on Sunday asked Central American nations to help end the "humanitarian drama" affecting thousands of U.S.-bound Cubans stranded in the region.

Regional investment is key to Central American security, say foreign ministers

“You can have a million soldiers at the border, and you’ll be shocked how many people will still get into the United States. That’s why investing in our economy is better than concentrating exclusively on security. The more we develop Central America, the better it’ll be for the United States," says Guatemalan foreign minister.

Guatemala’s former Vice President Eduardo Stein bids for top job at troubled OAS

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Guatemala’s Eduardo Stein Barillas vowed to “clean up the mess” at the Organization of American States if he’s elected secretary-general of the politically divided, cash-strapped regional body.

New Costa Rican ambassador to US presents credentials at White House

Costa Rica's Ambassador to the United States Román Macaya presented his credentials to President Barack Obama at the White House on Thursday, Sept. 18....

Chinese leader’s visit has big implications for Latin America

Images from this trip will help President Xi Jinping project an image of a strong China to the Chinese people.

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