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Costa Rica’s Supreme Court tells Talamanca: You can’t declare environmentalist expats ‘personas non grata’ 

Two expats in Costa Rica have won an appeal against the local government of Talamanca, which declared the foreigners “personas non grata" in the Caribbean beach town of Puerto Viejo for being “environmentalists,” according to a statement from the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

Puerto Limón: A downtown walking tour rich in history

Exploring Puerto Limón opens a window into a little-known but fascinating part of the history and culture of Costa Rica.

‘Dos Aguas’ stuns visually, drags dramatically

Velázquez is a very competent filmmaker, and much of the cinematography is breathtaking. She photographs the rain forest, the dirt roads, the dismal shacks, and the local haunts with a keen eye, and no detail is spared. The acting is decent, even good, but Velázquez never asks the stars to show true rage, longing, melancholy, or fear.

Chinese contractor says cost of expanding Route 32 could rise

Prior to the project’s approval by the Legislative Assembly in February various professional and business groups warned that changes to the project would be needed and that those changes would inflate the price tag.

‘Cocorí,’ a racism debate, and a brief history of controversial children’s lit

Predictably, the disagreement has become a polarizing debate about racism versus censorship. In honor of this ongoing discussion, here are some examples of beloved children’s books that have caused controversy or fallen completely out of favor.

Free the tree-huggers! Jaguar Rescue Center liberates sloths

The Jaguar Rescue Center is a Noah’s ark of traumatized animals being groomed for reintroduction to the wild in a virgin jungle on Costa Rica’s south Caribbean coast. On the day we visited, four sloths were being released.

Museo de Cacao’s tasty chocolate walk

A visit to the Museo de Cacao on Costa Rica's Caribbean coast is a walking chocolate tour with a happy ending.

Lawmakers approve Chinese loan for expanding Route 32 to the Caribbean

The loan comes with the condition that the project be developed entirely by a Chinese firm using only Chinese workers.

Lazy bears: Just hangin’ out

Whether they’re called “sloths” or “osos perezosos” (“lazy bears”), these slow-moving mammals have never earned a flattering name. But sloths are unperturbed by pretty...

The Old Port: A low season snapshot of Puerto Viejo and the southern Caribbean

  They say Puerto Viejo is a party town. Surfers lazily flip flop around the old port toward the infamous waves of Salsa Brava, take...

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