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Study links sugarcane fieldwork with kidney disease epidemic in Central America

Scientists are now a little closer to uncovering the cause of a chronic kidney disease (CKD) epidemic that has killed more than 20,000 people in Central America in the last two decades. For years, the cause of the disease -- which primarily afflicts young male agricultural workers -- has stumped doctors. But a new study from the Boston University School of Public Health found that sugarcane fieldwork could play a role.

Guanacastecos want change, but many voters still skeptical next president will deliver

CAÑAS, Guanacaste – In the strong wind and baking Guanacaste sun, voters in this northwestern province headed to the polls peacefully Sunday morning, but expressed doubt that the change they needed in their everyday lives would come with a new administration.

What is killing the young men of Cañas?

Kidney disease has become a leading cause of death for Central American farmworkers. But the only thing scientists know for sure is that the situation is getting worse.

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