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Leonard Cohen announces new album for 80th birthday

"Popular Problems" will be released in France on Sept. 22, and in the United States the following day.

Costa Rican climate change film shown in indigenous, arctic region of Canada

An educational film on climate change is getting far reach, gaining an audience in arctic regions of Canada.

Obama visits Mexico, but his attention is divided

TOLUCA, Mexico – "This is historic," U.S. President Barack Obama pronounced aboard Air Force One on Wednesday. Obama was not talking about his trip to the North American leaders summit in this industrial city.

Infinito Gold files lawsuit against Costa Rican government over canceled gold mining contract

After months of saber rattling, Infinito Gold, Ltd. announced Monday that it had filed for a Request for Arbitration with a World Bank court in its protracted dispute with the government of Costa Rica over the canceled Las Crucitas gold mining concession.

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