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Ridick deal at craft beer-themed hotel

Exploring Costa Rica: Volcano Brewing Company guests can enjoy Lake Arenal, great food and craft beer.

The beer revolution comes to Costa Rica

Many Ticos have had the chance to experience craft beer while traveling abroad, and they’ve brought their passion for brewing back Costa Rica.

Chill vibe, great food, craft beer at Kaya’s

A wooden cantina is the main attraction of Kaya’s, and what it makes it stand out among all the other hotels, hostels and lodges of Puerto Viejo.

Cerverceria Costa Rica buys major U.S. independent beer company for $388 million

The enormous Costa Rican beer producer and distributor bought the brewery that makes brands like Magic Hat, Pyramid and Labatt.

Gringo hunts cheap beer in San José

Reporter Andrew Kasper goes on a mission to find the capital's cheapest booze.

Stan’s Irish Pub a refuge for lovers of beer

Stan’s Irish Pub hosts beer tastings and pairings in the Zapote district.

Bodega gives San José’s beer lovers a home

Craft beer lovers find a home in the capital.

Beer is a way of life at local microbrewery

Costa Rica’s Craft Brewing Company is Central America’s only microbrewery and currently produces two ales: the light and smooth Libertas Tropical Golden and a generously hopped Segua.

Study: Can a beer a day keep the doctor away?

NUTRITION IN THE NEWS: Cheers! A moderate amount of beer, in combination with a healthy diet, can be good for you, according to a recent study.

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