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Bank security

BCR confirms financial information has leaked after cybercrime group claims to publish private data [updated]

Banco de Costa Rica said it has not found evidence that sensitive information has been compromised.

Banks in Costa Rica to change account numbering format

The change will not involve major adjustments for bank customers, except for the IBAN codes printed on checkbooks, deposit forms and other documents.

Costa Rican banks to replace credit, debit cards to improve security

The Costa Rican Banking Association said that 95 percent of banks in the country have already started to swap out the 7 million credit and debit cards currently circulating in the country with more secure chip cards.

Costa Rica’s banks boost security measures ahead of holiday frenzy

The Costa Rican Banking Association (ABC) this week launched a security operation coordinated with Judicial Investigation Police agents and National Police officers, with the goal of reducing theft and fraud that usually spike beginning on Black Friday weekend. The start of Costa Rica's Christmas bonus payments, or aguinaldos, also brings an increase in crime each year.

Don’t let thieves steal your Christmas bonus!

The holiday season in Costa Rica means a spike in thefts and scams. Some of them may seem obvious, but more than a few Ticos and tourists will become victims. Here's what to avoid.

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