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Regulatory Authority updates formula for calculating fuel prices

Costa Rica's Public Services Regulatory Authority (ARESEP) will now take into account the actual amount paid for oil by the Costa Rican Oil Refinery (RECOPE) when calculating the price of fuel at the pump, rather than relying on reference prices for international oil.

Gasoline prices set to drop this week

The new gas prices will be 27 percent cheaper than those in force in October last year, according to ARESEP.

Electricity rates: regulator says drop ’em, utility companies say raise ’em

The Public Services Regulatory Authority is evaluating a general cut in electricity rates starting next month, but three public utility companies have filed requests to raise them.

Regulatory Authority approves lower electricity rates starting October

Electricity rates for all of Costa Rica's generators will decrease by 1.15 to 3.82 percent starting Oct. 1.

Regulatory Authority proposes reduction in taxi fares

A reduction would bring taxi fares closer to those offered by Uber. Costa Rica President Luis Guillermo Solís has said Uber is operating illegally in the country.

Regulatory authority, propane companies reach agreement to replace defective cylinders

An evaluation by the Public Services Regulatory Authority found that 61 percent of propane cylinders currently in use lack appropriate information and 23 percent have some kind of physical damage.

Gasoline prices may drop again in October

A drop in international oil prices in recent weeks could favor a reduction in gas prices here.

Costa Rica’s main electricity supplier asks for big rate hike

Costa Rica's publicly-owned National Power and Light Company is requesting an increase in electricity rates that could raise basic rates for its customers by 36 percent.

Fuel prices in Costa Rica to decrease on Thursday

Per-liter prices of fuel on average will be 6.13 percent cheaper following the Public Services Regulatory Authority's latest price-setting decree.

Higher gas prices, taxi fares in Costa Rica start Friday

The Public Services Regulatory Authority (ARESEP) approved a ₡15 hike in regular per-kilometer taxi fares and a ₡2 to ₡3 increase in per-liter fuel prices.

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