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5 Surprising Facts About the Science of Coffee

Coffee continues to be getting more popular by the day and I have some incredible facts about it that you might not have heard...

Morning caffeine fix gets cheaper as rains boost Brazil supplies

Hedge funds are betting your morning cup of coffee is going to get cheaper, even as prices head for a sixth straight monthly loss.

New Anacafé chief: Guatemalan state must do more to finance battle against coffee rust

The government needs to wake up and smell the reality, says head of Guatemala coffee growers association.

Genetically modified coffee could be just around the corner

A consortium of scientists announced Thursday in Science that they've sequenced the coffee genome for the first time. By determining all of the genes that make up robusta coffee, a plant variety that accounts for about one-third of the world's consumption, they've opened the door to better breeding practices and even genetic engineering.

Brazil coffee output set for worst slump since 1965

"Everybody is praying for rain."

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