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Aedes albopictus

Zika virus total surpasses 100 cases in Costa Rica

The latest report from the Health Ministry released last week states that there are 107 confirmed cases of Zika virus, 67 of them in the Central Pacific canton of Garabito.

Tourism sector seeks to calm fears of Zika virus

Authorities and tourism industry leaders are ramping up mosquito fumigation and public information campaigns about Zika in Guanacaste.

Costa Rica confirms first two local cases of Zika virus

Costa Rica Health Ministry officials on Monday confirmed that two women from the community of Sámara, in Guanacaste province, are the first confirmed cases of locally acquired Zika virus.

Costa Rica boosts measures against Zika, rules out risks for tourists

Officials from several government agencies on Monday said the current situation of Zika virus in Costa Rica does not pose a risk for tourists and that there is not any travel or trade restriction related to the mosquito-borne disease.

Zika alert: Costa Rica increases surveillance of travelers entering the country

Following the confirmation of the first case of a Tico infected with the rapidly spreading Zika virus, Costa Rica Health Ministry officials on Wednesday announced new steps to boost surveillance at all entry points into the country.

Costa Rican health officials report first cases this year of chikungunya virus in Jacó, Garabito

Nearly one year since the confirmation of the first cases of the virus, the total number of infected people this week reached 748.

Zika who? Costa Rica on alert following first confirmed cases of the virus in the Americas

The Pan American Health Organization issued an epidemiological alert on the potential spread on the continent of the mosquito-borne viral disease Zika, which is similar to dengue and Chikungunya, but with milder symptoms.

Costa Rica reports fewer cases of dengue this year

The coastal provinces of Guanacaste, Puntarenas and Limón registered the most cases of dengue during the first five months of 2015.

Health officials report 106 cases of chikungunya in Costa Rica

Health officials say they have a handle on the situation, but they urged residents to continue eliminating mosquito breeding sites around the home.

Double jeopardy: Costa Rica’s Health Ministry reports 2 people were infected with both dengue and chikungunya

Coming down with dengue or chikungunya is a feverish nightmare. Now imagine having both viruses at the same time. That's what happened to two residents of the Pacific community of Chomes, in Puntarenas, who tested positive for both viruses, Costa Rica’s Health Ministry reported Thursday.

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