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Iceland premier resigns in Panama Papers scandal

Iceland's prime minister resigned Tuesday, becoming the first political victim of a mushrooming worldwide scandal over hidden offshore financial dealings.

Costa Rica in the Panama Papers leak

Most of the dozens of Costa Rican individuals and firms mentioned in the Panama Papers have not been directly accused of criminal activity, but media outlets and the Solís administration have been quick to suggest that some of their activities point toward attempts to avoid paying taxes in Costa Rica.

Panama Papers Scandal: Q&A with Semanario Universidad’s Ernesto Rivera

More than 300 journalists from across the globe helped contribute to Sunday's release of the Panama Papers, the massive leak that connects the world's elite...

Football: Messi denies tax evasion in Panama Papers scandal

The family of Lionel Messi denied Monday that he was involved in tax evasion after the Barcelona star emerged as one of many personalities accused of shady offshore dealings in the Panama Papers scandal.

Panama and ‘Panama Papers’ law firm under the media’s lenses

The head of the OECD's tax policy center, Pascal Saint-Amans, said Sunday that "Panama has become the most opaque place on earth."

Officials in Latin America linked to ‘Panama Papers’

In Costa Rica, the investigative branch of, DATABASEAR, and the University of Costa Rica's Semanario Universidad worked on the investigation.

Panama Papers: secret accounts of the rich and powerful

Covering 40 years of emails, financial records and passport details, an investigation by more than 100 media groups shows how some of the world's most powerful people have secreted away their money in offshore jurisdictions

Panama fears could be hit by new ICIJ ‘Pandora Papers’ leak

Panama fears the publication Sunday of a new expose about financial secrecy in global tax havens could again taint its reputation, which was seriously...

Panama Vows to End Migrant Transit, US to Fund Repatriations

The new president of Panama, José Raúl Mulino, promised on Monday to prevent his country from serving as a transit point for migrants crossing...

Panama: A Nation of Contrasts and Opportunity

Panama, a narrow Central American nation holding presidential elections this Sunday, has gained prominence in the regional migration crisis despite its thriving economy driven...

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The Costa Rican Police arrested a Mexican citizen this Friday who is wanted by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) for drug trafficking...

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A woman tragically died after an apparent hit-and-run incident in the 15 de Setiembre neighborhood in Hatillo, San Jose. This was discovered by two...

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