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We are the state: Citizen power from Iguala to Ferguson

People demand security and justice. When they get neither, the result is a serious rupture of the bond between the state’s institutions, the people and their representatives.

She’s her own woman, not a ‘Keylorette’

The newspaper’s cover referred to Dinnia Díaz – the goalkeeper of the Costa Rican Women’s National Soccer Team, which just qualified for the Women’s World Cup for the first time in history – as “Keylar.” (This allusion to renowned male Costa Rican keeper Keylor Navas is roughly akin to referring to a women’s basketball star as “Michelle Jordan.”)

When ‘politician’ is a dirty word

Politicians, who often accuse others of undermining their work, should be the first ones to realize that their words and statements have an impact. Serious damage is done when we make “politician” into an insult or, even worse, something that looks like a crime on someone’s résumé.
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