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Sunday, May 22, 2022

Costa Rica doctors association alarmed by low vacciation rates of personnel as 17 dead from AH1N1 virus

Only 30 percent of the health care workers at the Costa Rican hospital with the largest concentration of deaths linked to H1N1 this season were vaccinated.

As AH1N1 death toll rises to 14 in Costa Rica, authorities say it’s too late in season for vaccination

The AH1N1 virus was responsible for 14 deaths in Costa Rica in 2015, with a spike in deaths in December, according to public health officials.

AH1N1 death of Cuban migrant alarms Panama

A Cuban migrant's death from the AH1N1 virus has alarmed authorities in Panama, where nearly 1,000 Cubans are stranded near the border with Costa Rica.

AH1N1 virus blamed for 7 deaths in Costa Rica this month

At least seven people have died this month in Costa Rica from the AH1N1 virus, in Alajuela and Cartago provinces.

Cartago hospital confirms death from AH1N1 virus

Max Peralta Hospital in Cartago province, Costa Rica, has confirmed that a patient died last week of complications caused by AH1N1, also known as swine flu.

Get your flu vaccinations here!

Costa Rica kicks off its flu vaccination campaign in public hospitals and clinics on Monday, a day early.

Costa Rican health officials alarmed at spike in respiratory illnesses

At nearly full capacity, the National Children's Hospital in San José has declared a state of emergency.

Costa Rican health officials confirm eight deaths from AH1N1 virus

Another 19 people died from respiratory viruses this year.

Annual vaccination against influenza begins early

Adults older than 65 are the most vulnerable population.

Caja distributes influenza vaccine

5,000 Caja employees will carry out the campaign all over the country.
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