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Pic of the Day: Wanchope wonder goal honored in Derby mural

Costa Rican soccer legend Paulo Wanchope is featured prominently in a new mural at Pride Park Stadium in Derby, England. Created by local artist Iona...

Letter to the Editor: The story of the Cortez Amarillo, or how a country loses its own land

"Life in Costa Rica isn’t perfect and it comes with its fair share of stresses, but in general I found the Costa Rican people to be genuinely kind, patient and proud of their country."

Pic of the Day: ‘Pura vida’ meets ‘live long and prosper’

We've written before about "Hacia las estrellas: Costa Rica en la NASA," a book detailing the stories of 13 Costa Ricans who reached...

A Rite of Passage: Costa Rica’s Quinceañera Tradition

The gathering was huge. People of all ages came from down in the valley, from up in the foothills, from Cartago and from east...

The 8 most fascinating Central America stories of the year

Year-in-Review 2013: The Tico Times looks back at a region that’s never dull.

Arenal Report

Once again Mount Chirripó must bow its majestic head, this time to the intrepid 2013 Arenal Expedition Team. Months ago, David Fountaine, Jim Aoki,...

Costa Rica closes investigation of La Penca bombing

Three journalists were killed in the 1984 terrorist attack, including a reporter for The Tico Times.

As he filmed, Zapruder knew instantly Kennedy was dead

Fifty years ago this month, with his Bell & Howell Zoomatic, 58-year-old Russian immigrant Abraham Zapruder watched the sparkling motorcade round the corner at Dealey Plaza and turn onto Elm Street.

Colonial charm across the border

How to spend three days in Granada, Nicaragua.

Costa Rica: 3 natural ways to battle household bugs

DIY IN THE TROPICS: You can never fully escape the creepy crawlies of Costa Rica, but mixing a few non-toxic potions can help.

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