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Bad Bunny Leads Latin Grammy Awards with Ten nominations

Puerto Rican reggaeton musician Bad Bunny leads the Latin Grammy awards, with ten nominations, including two of the most coveted, the Latin Recording Academy...

Bus Crash in Costa Rica Leaves at Least 9 Dead

A packed double decker bus traveling from San Jose to Nicoya, Guanacaste with 60-70 passengers was swept off the Pan American Highway leaving at...

Want to Grow Your Own Chocolate in Costa Rica?

Would you like to have a chocolate tree right in your own back yard? In Costa Rica, it’s easy, particularly if you live in...

Growing Chile Plants in your Costa Rican Backyard

Locals refer to this popular, backyard garden chile plant as OMNIS or UFOS, and they’re certainly the most curious of all the chiles I’ve...

Learning Spanish In Costa Rica: The Neuter Form, lo que makes us loco

This one’s going to be a bit tough to explain, but here goes. Spanish has four forms of the definite article, our “the” (el, la,...

In England, Crowds hail King Charles III as Mourning Begins for Late Queen

King Charles III greeted crowds singing "God Save the King" outside Buckingham Palace on Friday before making his inaugural address to Britain and the...

Costa Rica Airfare Deal Alert: Flights starting at $296

With the passing of Labor day, the summer has unofficially come to an end and although you don't feel it yet, the weather is...

Homemade Lobster Ravioli in a Truffle Butter Sauce Recipe

A TASTE OF THE TROPICS: Chef Giuseppe Morisco celebrates the delicious lobsters of Malpaís, stuffing his mouthwatering ravioli with their meat.

Chayote: A Simple Costa Rica Recipe

The chayote is an old acquaintance found in many cultures around the world. Its humble origin lies in the deep forests of Central America....

Costa Rica Wildlife: Meet the Agouti

It’s a big brown rodent but you’ll find it pleasant to look at. The Central American Agouti is one of the approximately 50 members of...

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