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Haiti quake toll rises as rescue efforts continue

Haitian authorities said nearly 600,000 people were directly affected by the disaster and are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance.

This is going to hurt: Top 10 Covid scams

From the sophisticated to downright strange, the pandemic has set off a wave of scams around the world from bogus doses and fake vaccine...

Some baby bats babble like human infants, scientists find in Costa Rica

The babbling of 20 baby bats was recorded in Costa Rica and Panama between 2015 and 2016

Coronavirus: The latest global developments

Here are the latest developments in the coronavirus crisis: US backs booster shots US health officials warn that vaccines give less protection over time as they...

Hurricane Grace makes landfall in Mexico

Hurricane Grace made landfall along Mexico's eastern Yucatan peninsula Thursday, clocking winds of 80 miles (130 kilometers) per hour.

WHO criticizes rush toward Covid-19 vaccine boosters

Providing Covid-19 vaccine boosters while so many were still waiting to be immunized was immoral, the WHO argued.

Nicaragua cancels work permits of six foreign NGOs, including Oxfam

Ortega accuses the opposition of trying to overthrow him with the support of Washington. 

Haiti hospitals struggle to treat thousands injured in quake

At least 1,297 people have died after a powerful earthquake struck Haiti over the weekend, the country's civil protection agency said Sunday.

Nicaragua editor detained in latest move seen to target president’s critics

A top editor of Nicaraguan daily La Prensa was jailed Saturday after police raided the newspaper, making him the latest of dozens of critics...

Guatemala declares state of emergency over Delta Covid surge

Guatemala has declared a new state of emergency and will impose an overnight curfew from Sunday to contain a surge in Covid infections due...

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