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Costa Rica Faces Security Challenges

National and international security specialists agree that Costa Rica faces a significant challenge in uniting efforts to fight crime and remain the safest country in Central America.

During the First International Congress on Citizen Security held this May 11 and 12 in the canton of Garabito, Puntarenas, several experts discussed the problem the country is facing.

The various speakers called on Costa Rican authorities to create an integrated security plan to prevent violence through public policies and programs that educate the population, encourage citizen participation and avoid violence by addressing its root causes.

Minister of Justice and Peace Speaks Out

During this event, the Minister of Justice and Peace, Gerald Campos Valverde, stated that Costa Rica had invested minimal resources in security and should not be politicized since many people are suffering.

He also acknowledged that in terms of security, the State has a major debt to its citizens because the last public policy developed in the country was in 2011. Campos also spoke on the poor management of the Judicial regarding electronic monitoring of people involved in robberies, drug trafficking, and violent assaults which are not imprisoned.

According to Campos, authorities from the three branches must work together and involve citizens to comprehend how this problem affects them and listen to any proposed solutions. He also highlighted how important it is to give young people the opportunity to have an education, work, and a decent life.

On the other hand, Deputy Luz Mary Alpizar said that security is a priority issue in the Legislative Assembly. Bill 23090 will soon be discussed, which aims to tackle organized crime in the country.

Experts Offer Solutions

Manuel Aquiles Garro Chacón, master in Constitutional Law and founder of the Municipal Police in Costa Rica, pointed out that the country’s current insecurity problems have been caused by bad decisions and improvisations made for many years.

“We cannot compromise the country’s security. We must create public social policies and solve this complex phenomenon together. Otherwise, we will reach a point where we will kill each other,” he added.

During this congress, security experts from Chile, El Salvador, Mexico, Colombia, and Ecuador examined the situation and offered different points of view and solutions to face the crisis.

Final Thoughts

The First International Congress on Citizen Security was a valuable opportunity to discuss the challenges facing Costa Rica in terms of security. The various speakers offered valuable insights and solutions, and it is clear that there is a need for a concerted effort to address this issue.

The Costa Rican government must work together with citizens and experts to develop a comprehensive security plan that will address the root causes of violence and crime. By working together, we can create a safer and more prosperous country for all.

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