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Costa Rica Tourism: Holy Week 2023 Expected to Reach Record-High Hotel Occupancy

Holy Week has always boosted international and local tourism. According to the Chamber of Hotels, projections indicate that overall hotel occupancy could reach 84%.

Recent data showed that the Northern Region had the highest occupancy, with 95% of their rooms booked. Meanwhile, the Central Pacific reported an 81% occupancy rate. Overall, hotel capacity could reach 85%, surpassing the 2022 figures.

“We expect the Holy Week to leave good profits for the dozens of businesses linked to tourism such as hotels, bars, restaurants, sodas, cafeterias, tour operators, car rentals and other recreational activities,” said Hernan Imhoff, president of the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism.

On the other hand, the Caribbean region also feels hopeful. They expect high visitation and are ready to greet local and international tourists.

“We expect the maximum tourist influx during those days. In recent years, the number of tourists visiting the South Caribbean has increased,” noted Roger Sans, president of the Chamber of Tourism and Commerce of the Southern Caribbean.  

Also, La Fortuna de San Carlos was one of the most sought-after places. According to Tadeo Morales, vice president of Arenal Chamber of Tourism and Commerce, hotels are fully booked for those dates.

Undoubtedly, this represents a great relief for the sector and the thousands of people working in tourism.

Concerns over the exchange rate

Despite foreseeing a high occupancy rate and the visit of many tourists, industry representatives are worried over the appreciation of the Costa Rican colon. They have pointed out that this has generated profit losses and destabilizes job creation.

According to their information, tourist guides, tour operators, salon owners and transporters have had significant reductions in their profits, as they receive less income due to a 20% variation in the exchange rate.

“We could have a crisis in the second semester of the year, if the exchange rate stays this way,” explained Tadeo Morales.

The tourism sector has been extremely critical of Róger Madrigal, president of the Central Bank of Costa Rica, and the government, for failing to present measures to stabilize the price of the dollar.

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