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Daniel Ortega Accuses Costa Rica of Harboring Terrorists

Daniel Ortega accused Costa Rica of maintaining a “base of terrorists” sponsored by the United States and the European Union, who allegedly “conspired against the municipal elections.”

Ortega spoke during the Congress of the Sandinista Youth (JS) “July 19” dedicated to Comandante Carlos Fonseca Amador and referred to the municipal elections held last Sunday where his party, the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN), won all the municipalities.

He pointed out that, despite this, there were no aggressions nor any sort of violence at the elections, which he qualified as “historic.”

“Despite the millions invested from Costa Rica, because Costa Rica is their base, they did not succeed in provoking violence. The Nicaraguan people are already convinced that their vote counts towards the progress and welfare of the country,” added Daniel Ortega.

“There were no bullets and no injuries; not a drop of blood flowed,” he stressed.

In response to these unfounded accusations, the President of Costa Rica, Rodrigo Chaves, refuted what the Nicaraguan leader said.

“Costa Rica is not a base for any terrorist group, the Government of the Republic is absolutely adherent to the norms of international coexistence,” said Chaves.

Rodrigo Chaves emphasized that Costa Rica is a country that promotes peace and does not have armed forces.

“Costa Rica wants to maintain its cordial relations with all countries, and we will continue to do so. We’re an icon of peace, of stability without an army, as we don’t have armed forces, and we’re a shining example to the world of how a democracy can and should work,” stated Chaves.

Meanwhile, organizations such as ‘Urnas Abiertas’ reported that 31 people were arrested between November 1 and 6, when voting took place.

“Daniel Ortega continues to sow terror among Nicaraguans just so that no one would dare to protest on the day of the electoral farce,” said Pablo Cuevas, director of the Miami-based Human Rights Office.

The ruling party was declared the winner of all municipalities, and the opposition was not allowed to participate. The elections have been reported as a “fraud” by the United States of America.

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