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Costa Rica celebrates National Parks Day

Today, environmental authorities celebrate National Parks Day under the slogan “Together for a sea full of life.”

Government authorities, park rangers, educational centers and community, the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE), and the National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC-MINAE) gathered in the canton of Puerto Jimenez to celebrate this important day.

“The conservation of nature and natural resources is, at present, a true doctrine, setting an example of coexistence and tolerance, allowing humans and other living beings to enjoy on the surface of the earth the destiny that was reserved for them,” said Tattenbach.

National Parks are an essential part of Costa Rica, and the country is recognized for the natural beauty these treasures hold. Costa Rica has:

  • 27 national parks
  • 58 wildlife refuges
  • 32 protected areas
  • 15 wetland swamp areas
  • 11 forest reserves
  • 12 other conservation regions

“National parks have proven to be a very efficient economic development strategy based on conservation and tourism, especially post-pandemic, creating development poles in the hands of local communities that attract more and more visitors to Costa Rica, who come from far away to see one of the most spectacular park systems in the world, representing our Country Image,” commented Rafael Gutiérrez Rojas, Executive Director of SINAC and Vice Minister of Environment.

This event aims to raise awareness about the importance and conservation of these areas, which are essential for the country.

“The objective is to promote environmental awareness derived from a process of true conviction towards the formation of values that will guide Costa Rican society towards prevention and thus protect the environment and the wonders present in its varied biodiversity,” said Franz Tattenbach Capra, Minister of Environment and Energy.

These areas are also fundamental to the country’s economy. For instance, between December 22, 2021, and January 2, 2022 – 122,465 tourists visited national parks.

“Costa Rica currently has 25.5% of its territory within the National System of Conservation Areas, which are not only limited to research but are also a social and income space for domestic and foreign tourists to experience our true treasure,” concluded the Minister.

Park rangers play a crucial role in the conservation of National Parks. Therefore, on August 23rd, a celebration was held to commemorate them. In addition, they shared stories and recommendations on national park management. They also presented a successful project or idea they have implemented in their zone.

It is expected that the joint efforts, the work of the park rangers, and the collaboration of the citizens will allow the preservation of the national parks.

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