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Best Costa Rica Movie of 2021: El Pajaro de Fuego

While Costa Rica is a favorite destination for many international film stars, it is not well known for its local film productions.

This may change now with the new release, during this pandemic, of El Pajaro de Fuego.

Filmed entirely in the infamous barrio of La Carpio, outside San Jose, it gives a unique insight to life inside of Costa Rica’s mostly hidden dark side.

Many undocumented immigrants do not have access to even the most basic needs for their children, health care or jobs. This results in many issues approached in this work.

The film has been nominated for several international awards and enjoys local popularity for its cinematography, local slang culture, and the ability to highlight what many people in Costa Rica already know.

We have a planned interview with the star of the film, who still lives in La Carpio, where we will have the meeting, and hope to get news of when it may be available with English subtitles.

Until then, check out the trailer and then go see it at your local theatre!

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