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Police nab flat-screen TV shoplifter

She wasn’t exactly Thomas Crown, but shopkeepers can rest easy: The flat-screen shoplifter has been caught.

In January, the Judicial Investigation Police (OIJ) released store video of a 27-year-old woman artfully snatching a television and hiding it under her dress. The video from the OIJ Pococí delegation shows the shoplifter walking with ease with the boxed flat-screen TV lodged between her legs. Her accomplice distracts a store employee with a question as the woman — with a TV under her dress, let’s not forget — feigns a hot flash and walks out the front door with the loot.

Police said that she is suspected of at least two similar thefts and did not rule out copycat shoplifters inspired by her exploits after the shop video went viral.

Authorities caught the woman when she returned to a minimum security prison in Heredia, where she was on community release. She was serving her sentence for a drug infraction, according to a statement from the OIJ. Channel 7 TV news reported that the suspect had several priors, mostly when she was a minor.

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