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Which Costa Rican hotel ejected Ellie Goulding and Björk?

Ellie Goulding

On behalf of Costa Rica, Tico Times apologizes to Ellie Goulding. You can come get drunk with us anytime. Courtesy of Wikicommons

In a recent interview with Q Magazine, British singer Ellie Goulding disclosed that she and Björk recently got the boot from a hotel in Costa Rica.

The women had been partying with Skrillex and DJ Diplo when they were mistaken for intruders, according to Goulding, whose interview was referenced in the News of Iceland.

The hotel staff eventually realized the mistake, Goulding said, but she couldn’t remember what happened after that. Too much booze.

If we were guessing types, and we are, we’d say that Goulding and Björk were likely banished sometime during or immediately after Imperial Fest 2012, a large international music festival held on La Guacima Speedway in Alajuela. We’d say that because Björk, Diplo and Skrillex were all on the Imperial roster. Maybe Goulding just felt like tagging along? Who knows.

As for what hotel had the audacity to expel these ultra-famous sweethearts, it’s hard to say. There are only a handful of nice hotels in the area, though, and we’ll give a gold star to anyone who can figure it out.


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