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Tico environmentalists rally against GMOs

Environmentalist group Bloque Verde on Tuesday rallied supporters against the possible entry of genetically modified corn in Costa Rica at a protest outside the Agriculture and Livestock Ministry (MAG) in western San José.

Bloque Verde noted that two companies, D&PL Semillas Ltda. and Semillas del Trópico, both owned by multinational company Monsanto, filed a request to the Phytosanitary Service, a branch of MAG, and the National Biosafety Technical Commission to grow genetically modified corn here.

D&PL hopes to plant 15 hectares of GMO corn, while Tropical Seeds requested authorization to plant 20 hectares. The varieties (MON-88017, MON-603, MON-00863-5, MON-89034), are owned by Monsanto.

Costa Rica’s Biosafety Commission has not yet discussed the request, although it is required by law to do so.

Along with raising awareness against GMOs, the group also will demonstrate against allowing Monsanto corn in the country. The Bloque Verde campaign includes a signature drive.

In the United States, California voters also will have a GMO ballot option known as Proposition 37, which would require labeling on food products that contain GMOs.

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L. Arias
L. Arias
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