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34 violent deaths reported during Semana Santa in Costa Rica

During the week of Semana Santa, 34 people died violent deaths, according to figures released by Judicial Investigation Police. The majority of the deaths – 19 – occurred in traffic accidents, including a Traffic Police officer who was killed by an alleged drunk driver Sunday. 

Eight people died from drownings in oceans or rivers. According to the Red Cross, 24 people were rescued from drowning. 

Five people were killed by guns, and two others were stabbed to death. Compared to 2011, the number of deaths during Semana Santa decreased from 40 to 34.

At least 315 people died throughout the region during the Easter Holy Week, according to a report by news agency EFE. In Guatemala, at least 165 people have died, the majority due to violent crimes. Through Good Friday, 64 people died in El Salvador, and 44 of the deaths were ruled homicides.

In Nicaragua, 40 people died, the majority due to drowning. In addition, the Nicaraguan Red Cross reported at least 900 people suffered jellyfish stings on Pacific coast beaches Thursday and Friday. The stings were not life-threatening.

Honduras reported 34 deaths, according to the National Commission on Accident Prevention. Panamanian authorities have not reported any deaths.


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