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Region seeks to unify organized crime laws

A project for establishing a regional legal framework against organized crime will be a primary goal for Justice Departments in the region in 2012. The framework will allow Central American countries to cooperate on prosecuting judicial and criminal offenses against organized crimes in the region.

This announcement was made during the opening ceremony of a workshop for the Press and Communication Departments of the Central American and Dominican Republic Justice Departments held this week in San José.

The project “Harmonization of Criminal Law in the Fight Against Crime in Central America” is directed by the Justice Ministers Conference of the Iberoamerican Countries, the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation and the Central American Integration System.

Costa Rica’s Supreme Court President, Luis Paulino Mora, praised the initiative, adding “however, the justice authorities of the region cannot ride alone in the fight against this social problem. It’s not only desirable but also necessary to achieve participation of all other government branches,” Mora stated.

In 2013, regional authorities will present legislation to their respective lawmakers so that the “harmonization” process can begin in  regards to the law.


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