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Obituary: Peace activist Andrew Shaubach dies at 77

U.S. expat Andrew Shaubach died Tuesday of complications from viral bronchitis after being hospitalized since December. 

Shaubach was second Vice Cmdr. of the American Legion’s Escazú Post, and clerk of the San José-based “Meeting.” He supported the Friends Peace Center and the adjacent hostel, Casa Ridgway, in San José. Shaubach also supported many other causes, including providing supplies to local school children. 

Shaubach was born on May 29, 1934, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in the United States, and recently lived in Costa Rica’s Central Valley for the past eight years, with a home in Escazú’s Bello Horizonte neighborhood, southwest of the capital. Shaubach had several successful real estate ventures, according to friends. 

He is survived by sons Craig and Andrew Shaubach, and companion Carmen Castillejo. A memorial service will be held at the Friends Peace Center next week, with a date to be determined.


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