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Aerocasillas inaugurates new warehouse

Aerocasillas, the Costa Rican subsidiary of Miami-based Aeropost International Services, officially opened an 11,000-square-meter shipping warehouse last week in La Aurora de Heredia, northwest of San José.

The shipping company put more than $1 million into the new building, according to a statement issued by Aerocasillas on Monday. The warehouse will not only handle the large quantity of packages the company delivers for Costa Rican shoppers buying online from U.S. retailers, the statement said, but will also house the company’s 125-person operations department.

“Aerocasillas did not think about a traditional shipping warehouse that holds large quantities of goods for a few clients for long periods of time,” said Aerocasillas Regional Director Jeff Duchesneau. “What interests us is that the goods our clients acquire on the outside, through individual purchases made online, have enough space and security that they are delivered in a secure manner in the shortest possible time after being received in our staging center in Miami,” he said.

The cost of the new facility included the purchase of 16 new delivery vehicles. Aerocasillas offers customers the ability to store their goods while customs arrangements are made. 

For packages that have a total cost (including insurance and freight) of less than $1,000, Aerocasillas can make the relevant customs payments via the automated TIC@ system, and quickly deliver the shipment to the customer. For orders with a higher cost, the new warehouse allows the company to store goods until the buyer makes arrangements through a customs agent or uses Aerocasillas’ own customs service to pay the necessary fees and arrange for delivery.


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