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Last day to pay Costa Rican income taxes Thursday

Thursday, Dec. 15, is the last day to pay income taxes in Costa Rica without incurring interest. Income taxes can be paid online or at bank locations throughout the country. Online tax payments are valid until midnight.

Forms to pay the income tax advances (D-108) can be obtained at all national bank branches or paid online at To make payments online, users must download the Finance Ministry’s free EDDI-7 software from the website and complete the forms digitally. To download the Finance Ministry’s free EDDI-7 software, visit:

The EDDI-7 software allows for sales and income taxes to be handled entirely online. Once the software is downloaded, income and sales tax forms can be filled out at home and filed electronically.

According to Francisco Villalobos, general director of Costa Rica’s Tax Administration, answers to tax questions in English can be found by clicking the link labeled “Frequently Asked Questions about tax matters in Costa Rica,” located on the right panel of the Finance Ministry home page.

For Dec. 15 income tax payments, Villalobos said that all owners of lucrative and active sociedades anónimas, or S.A.s, are expected to file. Owners of inactive S.A.s that are not involved in transactions, such as those set up for ownership of boats, cars, homes and property lots, are not required to make income tax declarations.

“Anyone that has an S.A. involved in transactions of goods or services, rents a house, receives rent, or is actively receiving an income, must declare income taxes by Dec. 15,” Villalobos said. “Those with inactive properties or goods are not required to do so.”

Annual income taxes can also be paid using the EDDI-7 software with debit and credit card. They can also be paid by printing out the completed documentation online and bringing it to national bank locations.


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