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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Banco Nacional to add security cameras to all banks, ATMs

Banco Nacional installed more than 9,000 security cameras in each of its bank and ATMs this week as part of a new satellite surveillance system. The cameras will provide a live video feed from each bank and ATM location and will be watched by a team of security officials stationed in a monitoring center in San José.

“This monitoring center will assist the authorities to prevent crime and give police real-time access to video surveillance,” said Roberto Méndez, the security director for Banco Nacional. “We hope this will allow police to improve response time to crimes and thefts, and deter criminals from attempting to rob bank customers.”

The installation of the surveillance system was strategically inaugurated prior to the month of December, which traditionally sees some of the highest numbers of thefts in Costa Rica due to the holiday season and distribution of mandatory Christmas bonuses, or aguinaldos.  

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