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Private security employees arrested in alleged arms scam

The Judicial Investigation Police (OIJ) arrested two Mexicans and a Costa Rican on Monday on suspicion of ideological forgery in the San José neighborhoods of Guadelupe, Sabana Sur and Los Yoses. The men worked at a private security firm chain know as GSI and did not possess proper documentation for the ownership of 35 guns found within the location.

A statement from the OIJ said that it was believed that another private security firm, which was authorized to sell firearms by the Public Security Ministry, purchased the weapons and falsified documents so that the weapons could be transferred to GSI. Two employees from the other private security firm were also arrested Monday on charges of corruption and embezzlement. According to the OIJ, the other security firm charged GSI a fee for the purchase and transfer of the guns.

The Public Ministry will rule on the preventive prison sentences of the men later this week.


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