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Netflix launches in Costa Rica, offers free-month trial

Netflix, the U.S.-based video rental company, launched its movie and TV streaming service Monday in Costa Rica. The company offers thousands of movies and TV episodes available to watch instantly via the internet. As a promotion, Netflix is offering a one month free trail to new subscribers.  After the trial period the subscription cost for its unlimited streaming service will be $7.99 per month.

Since Netflix advertises that membership can be cancelled at any time, the one month trial may be a good test to ensure that you have the minimum bandwidth connection needed to stream movies and TV shows. According to experts, Netflix faces challenges with its streaming service in Latin America. High-speed broadband Internet reaches significantly fewer homes than in the U.S.  Additionally, Netflix will have to compete with pirated movies that can be bought for a dollar on the street.

But Reed Hastings, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Netflix is enthusiastic about the expansion. “We are excited to be bringing Netflix to Latin America and the Caribbean,” said Hastings in a press release.”People throughout the region are online in ever-greater numbers and they love movies and TV shows.”

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