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HuliHealth wins Intel Costa Rica Challenge

What if you could use online reservation companies like Expedia, Travelocity or Trip Advisor to help find other services – say, quality medical services – anywhere in the world? That’s the idea behind HuliHealth, winner of this year’s Intel Costa Rica Challenge, an entrepreneurial competition for Costa Rican university students.

The creators of HuliHealth are Alejandro Vega, 31, and Crystal Osejo, 22. The two will go on to compete for a $15,000 prize in the Intel Latin America Challenge this month against 14 other teams from universities in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay. Winners will advance to the Intel Global Challenge 2011 in the United States at UC Berkeley in November.

“We want to transform health services industry by using the Internet as a tool to give patients the opportunity to find the best treatment options in their own countries and around the world,” Vega said in a statement.

Intel started the business development challenge in 2009 with the goal of looking for innovative ideas that are financially viable and have a good potential for converting into a real business.

Correction: The name of the company originally was spelled Hulihelth instead of HuliHealth.


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