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Ruling party paid Chinchilla’s brother $500,000 for campaign videos

The National Liberation Party (PLN) paid $500,000 to a business run by President Laura Chinchilla’s brother for producing ads for her electoral campaign, reported the daily La Nacíon on Thursday.

The film company Camera Cine y Televisión S. A., owned by Rafael Chinchilla, was contracted by the PLN to produce audiovisual material that was transmitted through TV, radio and Internet. The contract between the PLN and the company lasted from Oct. 7, 2009 to Feb. 12, 2010.

Rafael Chinchilla, a 50-year-old filmmaker, told La Nacíon that the PLN contacted him, and he was just doing what as necessary to improve the presidential candidate’s chances of election. He pointed to 24 years of professional experience while defending the expensive contract.


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