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Public education has improved, say Costa Ricans

A survey conducted by the firm Unimer Research for the daily La Nación, revealed that 67 percent of adult Costa Ricans feel that public education is better today than it was during their own childhoods.

Only 20 percent believe education in the country has worsened over the years, while 11 percent believe the quality remains the same.

In addition, 55 percent of those surveyed said that current teachers are better than those in the past, while 28 percent believe they are worse.

Interviewers visited 1,202 people living across the country from June 7-15 for the study. The majority of interviewees, 52 percent, finished only primary education, while 29 percent earned a high school diploma and 19 percent a college degree.

In May, the State of Education study, released by Costa Rica’s government, revealed the country has demonstrated a significant improvement in the quality of education by investing more money in public education and improving teacher’s wages (TT, May 6).


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