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René Castro to be subpoenaed about suspicious appointments in Foreign Ministry

On Thursday, opposition congressmen agreed to have Foreign Minister René Castro subpoenaed to investigate the hiring process of 40 employees of the Foreign Ministry who allegedly lack the required qualifications to occupy their positions.

Rene Castro

According to an investigation by the daily La Nación, most of the employees who benefit from a position inside the ministry are affiliated with the ruling National Liberation Party (PLN) in several ways (TT, June 21).

The subpoena has support from members of the PLN, according to a press statement released by the Congress Presidency.

Castro explained to La Nación that he is forced to look for talent outside the Foreign Ministry because many diplomats refuse to be assigned overseas. Of the 40, Castro appointed 27 unqualified employees to overseas posts including Argentina, France and India, the paper reported.

“Castro has used the country’s diplomatic resources as a way to pay political favors,” said José María Villalta, legislator of the Broad Front Party. “Depending on his explanations, we might request his resignation and all the unqualified appointments to be reversed.”

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